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view bio Hello Internet! - 08/27/16
We're glad you made it here. This is a website about what you do, and there's a lot to do on .oaklog.

To help you get acclimated, we've written up a little info.oaklog section. Here, you can figure out how to use lists, logs, the event calendar, and most everything else on the site.

We're a tight-knit community, with lots going on, and we're excited to meet you.

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Q: oaklog word of the week?

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cory - 8/02/16
Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai (2015)
Highly recommended and finally available.

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War Dogs
 Anita - Bodysong (2003)
 cory - Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai ...
 christahey - Zootopia
 Justin - Independence Day: Resurgence
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Wings and the Child: Or the Building of Magic Cities
 aeva - Better Business
 Jennifer - The Imperfectionists, by To...
 cory - Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl (...
 other alice - Finders, Keepers (Stephe...

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 cory - Gaumenkitzel (Berkeley)
 Multiphasi - State Bird Provisions (Fi...
 aeva - I donlt know
 Justin - Calavera
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Terry - 8 Girls
 Jennifer - Sulk: No Illusions
 aeva - "Incisticide" Big Long Now - Ni...
 Jeffy - Anderson .Paak : Malibu
 Anita - Bombino: Nomad

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Showgirls! The Musical!-Victoria Theatre, S.F.
 molly - pt pinole
 jake t - He-Man
 christahey - JUNE TOP TEN
 cory - Explosions In The Sky @ The Fox...
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I hate doing this
 Multiphasi - For the love of God, you ...
 Anita - weird.
 skye - leaving california
 jee - Why, Neil?

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